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My Favorite Tuna Salad Recipe

I LOVE tuna salad sandwiches!  I try not to make them too often because of the whole mercury thing, but I feel like a little kid whenever I eat one.  This is the recipe I made up when I was about 6.  If a six year old can make it, you KNOW it’s easy tuna salad!  This is another great way to use those hard boiled eggs.

I’ve always liked tuna from a can, sometimes I would just dump it into a bowl and mix in some dill pickle chips, then eat it with a fork.  I like it in casseroles, macaroni and cheese, on crackers, packed into patties and fried.  I’d even drink the tuna “juice” as I drained it from the can!  (I know, I was so weird) But a tuna sandwich is a classic, and takes me back to my child hood in an instant.

I know some people like celery in their tuna salad, but at six I couldn’t chop celery safely (or at least wasn’t allowed to) so I’d sneak the celery seed from my mom’s spice rack, wondering if I was allowed to use it.  I’d also mix in a little pickle juice so that it would have that dill taste and make it moist so I could use less mayonnaise.

I like to put slices of avocado on my tuna salad sandwich.  Creamy buttery avocado gives an elegant twist to the tuna.  In Hawaii we had an avocado tree in our front yard.  We’d mash hundreds of avocados into a paste, mix in some lemon juice, and freeze it in ziploc baggies.  Then we had avocado to mix in to our tuna fish year round.  But I prefer the slices so when I have access to fresh avocado I do it that way.

If you aren’t sure how to boil eggs, I’ve got all you need to know!

Tuna Salad Sandwich Recipe

serves 2


1 can of tuna fish drained
1 TBS mayonnaise
1 TBS dill pickle juice
1 boiled egg finely chopped
1/4 tsp celery seeds
4 slices of bread
1 avocado sliced
4 leaves of lettuce


In a bowl mix tuna with mayonnaise, pickle juice, egg, and celery seeds.  Spread tuna mixture on two slices of bread.

Top tuna with slices of avocado, two leaves of lettuce, and another slice of bread.

Approximate cost/serving: I get 10 cans of tuna for under $7, so we’ll say 70 cents a can.  I buy avocados when they’re 2 for $1, so the total cost is only about $1.60.  That means just 80 cents a sandwich!

Gluten Free:  Make sure to use gluten free bread!

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7 thoughts on “My Favorite Tuna Salad Recipe”

  1. I used to have tuna salad sandwiches all the time growing up. I haven’t made them in so long. Brings back so many memories in the lunch area. Eating my sandwich and bartering for snacks from the other kids. hehehe…

    Looks good. I wish I had that for lunch right now with a few chunky slices of avocado. ;-D


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