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My newest winter drink recipe

Eric is a major tea drinker. I like tea but typically prefer lattes or cappucinos, I want something with caffeine and protein in the morning. My current job is right near our favorite tea shop, Tea Madame, which sells good quality loose leaf tea. Eric’s favorite is Black Almond, so when he ran out I surprised him with 4 oz of last week. He was thrilled!

One of my favorite candies is Almond Roca, so I decided that I wanted to try making something similar to drink with his almond tea. I had milk, the almond tea, ghiradelli chocolate chips, and though I didn’t have any toffee I had some caramel syrup leftover from another recipe and thought that would be good. Oh boy was it!

Eric thought it tasted like hot chocolate. Good but nothing special. What’s funny is even though he couldn’t taste the tea, the caffeine definitely hit him! But I could really taste the subtle almond and thought it was great. I steeped it for about 15 minutes and I think if I did it for 30 the almond would be stronger. I also would like to try it with toffee instead of caramel, but I really liked it a lot, and found it to be a very comforting wintry drink. No pretending this is good for you, but boy is it good!

Almond Roca Milk Tea


2 cups milk (I used 2%)
1 1/2 TBS almond black tea
2 TBS caramel syrup
2 TBS quality chocolate chips


Put milk in a saucepan over low heat. Place tea in an infuser ball and set in the milk.

You have two options for the heating of the milk. You can stir it regularly to keep a skin from forming, or (what I did, because we were watching a movie) leave it and skim off the skin. Let the tea steep in the milk (on LOW!) for 25-30 minutes.

Remove the tea, add the caramel and chocolate and stir until dissolved. Use a hand immersion blender to make it nice and frothy. Pour into individual mugs and enjoy!

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  1. mmm that sounds tasty. I bought some Earl Grey vanilla tea, and an orange creamsicle black tea. I had this drink at a tea shop with orange juice, ice, and cream that was delicious, may be I could experiment with a warm drink with my orange tea!


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