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New Refrigerator!

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that we got a new refrigerator. Ours was literally an antique. The guy who delivered the new one was amazed! Anyway, here’s a quick look in pictures at the excitement. Above is the old fridge, you think the freezer looks tiny from the outside…

…look at the inside! This freezer (and fridge) ruined quite a bit of food, Eric would often take our food out and attack the freezer with a hair dryer and spatula ala Adrian Monk (“Captain Cool”) to defrost it. It was really hard to find things in there and we had quite a Jenga puzzle/balancing act going on.

Notice radiator INSIDE the fridge and the drip tray just below it? That would run down the right back corner so I kept a giant sour cream container on the bottom to catch water. With all the water all around, I was constantly cleaning it to avoid mold, especially underneath the drawer.

Just in case any of your are refrigerator experts, here’s the label on our door so you can know exactly what it was ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s our beautiful new refrigerator! Eric was so funny, he said he’s never been so happy about a refrigerator before. I told the delivery guy he was making our day. Funny thing, the doors were on the opposite way but he switched them for us, nice guy!

Bwahhhhhh! That was my “it’s amazing” noise. It’s bigger, has a shelf, and TWO shelves on the door! Oh joy of joys!

Here it is full of food. Well actually everything in the fridge is pulled forward, there’s still tons of room. The only thing I miss is the egg holders on the door in my old fridge, I had bought 18 eggs the day before we got our new one and already thrown the carton away! But we are so happy to have a new fridge. Thanks apartment manager!

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0 thoughts on “New Refrigerator!”

  1. It guess it’s just the right time to retire the old and bring in a new recruit. =)

    And might I add…that is one well stocked fridge!!

  2. ahahahaha! I love all the eggs in the door. looks so funny. Dustin and I are in the same boat as we don’t have an oven at the moment. We have one from the 40’s or 50’s and the pilot light will no longer work so we’re waiting for ours to come in. Congrats on the new fridge. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You are so cute, who would have ever thought of posting the life and times of a fridge,..but I loved it. I am so happy for you, I totally identify!

  4. It is well stocked isn’t it? We didn’t know we were getting a new one and had gone grocery shopping in the morning, then our landlord ordered us a new one that afternoon to be delivered the next day! We had laudry baskets full of food sitting in the kitchen while the fridges were switched out.

    Good luck on the oven Crystal!


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