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No Spill Bubbles Hack Is Mind Blowingly EASY!

What an easy cheap way to get no spill bubbles wands! From EatingRichly.com

No parent wants to deal with the trauma of spilled bubbles. There are lots of no spill bubbles gadgets, OR you can do this to easily hack the cheap bubbles yourself!


Bubbles are one of the best parts of summer for little kids. There is something magical about the sense of accomplishment on a toddler’s face when they learn the perfect amount of strength to blow their own bubbles.

And oh the screams of delight from the preschooler who is running around popping every bubble in sight!

Unfortunately, bubble time often ends up with an inconsolable child standing over a pool of soapy liquid. Or mom’s hand covered in bubble juice while she holds the container for the hundredth time!

Fortunately, there’s an easy hack to turn the cheapest of bubble wands into hands free (for mom!) no spill bubbles.

What an easy cheap way to get no spill bubbles wands! From EatingRichly.com

We now spend the entire summer with $1 bubble wands taped to our front porch.

A bit of painter’s tape (which is easy to remove when you’re ready to), and some cheap, long bubble wands, and you get instant bubble fun whenever the kids are ready.

No more having to hold the bubble container so your kid doesn’t spill it. No more fighting over who spilled whose bubbles.

No more drinking the bubble mix (please tell me my kid is not the only one!).

What an easy cheap way to get no spill bubbles wands! From EatingRichly.com

You can even refill your no spill bubbles without having to untape them.

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What an easy cheap way to get no spill bubbles wands! From EatingRichly.com


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