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Our New Puppy!!!

That’s right!  You may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet this month.  That’s because Eric and I were out of the country for a week, and got a brand new puppy the day we got home!


Meet Phurba Tashi Johnson (pronounced per-buh tah-shee).  He’s named after a famous sherpa on Mt. Everest.  When we saw the determination and strength of the original Phurba Tashi in the Discovery show, we were so impressed and said that if we ever got a dog we’d name him Phurba Tashi.  That day came and we think our Phurba Tashi is going to be a great hiker!

In the photo above he was 12 weeks old, and already big!  In the photo below he’s now 14 weeks old and is another 6 inches longer!  He grows SO fast!


LOVE those German Shepherd ears!  Yes, he’s a purebred German Shepherd, from champion lines.  He’s a champ in our book for sure 🙂


We met Phurba when he was 10 weeks old.  The breeders own a farm in Enumclaw, about 20 minutes from us.  He was the most playful and energetic of the three puppies that were left.


Of course, like all puppies, he slept just as hard as he played.  I think this cute picture the day we went to pick him out made me completely fall in love with him!  We had to wait to get him until we got back from our Mexico vacation.  Didn’t want to leave our exchange student to care for a puppy!

The day we brought him home we needed to give him a dish soap bath to kill the fleas from the farm he was born on.  He didn’t fight us but obviously didn’t really enjoy it.


Look at those ears!  My mom says it reminds her of The Flying Nun.


I think he was blowing a raspberry at me!!!!


He and Eric bonded during the bath…


..and after.


Phurba loves our huge backyard, though I haven’t yet been able to get him to realized that my raised beds are not a jungle gym for him to climb around on.


We’re working on being firm in our training with him, but he can really work the sad puppy eyes which makes it totally hard!  We’re not only training him in basic obedience, but also teaching him the importance of healthy eating.


He’s a first learner.  When I pulled up my summer vegetables he claimed the broccoli for himself!


He hasn’t destroyed anything of ours yet, although the doggy stuffed animal we got him didn’t last long.  He killed it dead!


We learned our lesson and got him a great tug of war rope and a new stuffed animal just for bedtime.


Now that he’s no longer leaving presents in the house (of the bodily funciton variety) I can return some attention to writing up all the awesome recipes I’ve been cooking up!  Up next are some delicious (and healthy!) pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, along with pictures of Phurba and Fred’s (our exchange student) first trip to the pumpkin patch.

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19 thoughts on “Our New Puppy!!!”

  1. I admire that you were able to take such great pictures while he was in the bath. For me, just getting my furball to sit still while washing is quite a challenge! Congrats. Gotta love the oversized paws of puppies until they grow into their bodies.

    • Yeah, when I saw those crazy ears I told Eric, “don’t do anything!” and ran to get the camera. Amazed he stayed so calm but I think it was depression over being taken from his brothers. He got over it the next day though!

    • I definitely need to video that in case he outgrows it. I think it’s his “I’m gonna catch something and kill it!” run/jump.

  2. Very cute! I have a dog too, he just turned 1 years old today. They grow fast, so keep on taking pictures! Are you going to consider doing some doggy recipes? I cook for my dog from time to time. FYI, you may not want to use dish soap regularly to bathe your dog, its actually really bad for their coats since dish soap is designed to strip all the oils off, and you don’t want your dog’s coat to be dried up and stripped of all it’s natural oils.

    • Thanks! What kind of dog do you have? I’m trying to take pictures every week while he’s a puppy. Will look at doggy recipes once he’s had all his shots and I know he’s totally healthy with a strong stomach. Had a scare last week when he wouldn’t eat due to upset tummy. The dish soap was a one time thing. We wanted to kill the fleas but he was too young for flea shampoos, thanks for the tip!

      • I have a Siberian Husky. Very energetic and playful, he used to have HUGE ears just like your pup and paws that were 5x too big for him. They grow into them fast!
        My husky actually has food allergies, as I found out when he was young. Still didn’t quite narrowed it down yet, but he can’t eat any type of commerical dog food (I’ve tried everything), kibble or canned. I think it has something to do with the preservatives. He is on an all raw diet normally and I cook him food from time to time. It’s actually fun to read up on dog nutrition, you learn so many things!

        • I LOVE huskies! Wanted one but heard they can have too strong a prey instinct for cats. Went with a German instead and really happy with the breed. Glad you were able to find a good solution for your pup’s diet!

      • And by the way, I really enjoy your blog & recipes. It really brings me home sometime. I’m originally from Honolulu, now I live in Seattle 🙂


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