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Picky Eaters

It’s definitely a culinary adventure cooking at my parents. Because Jason is autistic he is very particular about how things should be done, that includes his food. He also has other health problems that affect what he needs to eat. He doesn’t eat raw vegetables, but insists on having cooked vegetables with every dinner, I’m of course fine with that. In fact on the weekend I’m working them into lunch too!

The other thing to factor in is that my sister doesn’t like Asian food (which is my favorite to cook and easy to work veggies into) or bell peppers (which are my favorite veggie and I use them in everything). Yesterday for lunch I made Pasta with Peas and Cheese. My sister said her mom is always giving her a hard time about how much cheese she has in the fridge that isn’t getting used up. So I used a little bit of several different cheeses, Happy Cow with Garlic and Herbs, Pecorino Romano, Cream Cheese, Feta and some milk to make a sauce. It was really good and everyone was happy with it.

We had a very busy day. The first several hours were trying to get Jason to take his medication, eat real food (he had two brownies and a carton of ice cream before we got up this morning), do his chores and get dressed. Finally at 12:30 all four of us took the dogs for a walk, then came back for lunch, and then went geocaching.

This was Jason’s second time geocaching with us, Sharon has gone several times. It was a lot of fun and he found a couple of them himself. His geocaching name is “Bruddah J”, reminiscent of his time in Hawaii. The most exciting one was probably a nano, which is about the size of a pencil eraser and only contains a tiny strip of paper to write your name. After that we went to Emerald City Smoothie and then Winco to get some groceries and hand soap (Jason was very concerned that they would run out before my parents got there). I’d never really explored Winco before and love their bulk section as well as their very fresh honey!

It’s easier to be tough on Jason because we don’t live with him 24/7 and have to argue about everything 24/7. We wouldn’t let him have cinnamon rolls for breakfast because of the sugar he’d already had, and her said “Dad usually just gives in to me and lets me have it!” We laughed and said we’ll be a lot tougher on him because we’re only here for a week. But even just a day can be exhausting. This is definitely a full time job and I’m wiped. We ended up going out for dinner to The Ram which was really close by.

I didn’t feel like the heaviness of a regular burger, so had the ahi tuna burger which was really good. It had sesame seeds and a sweet plum sauce with bell peppers. Eric, Sharon and Jason all got burgers and they each loved them. Well I’m wiped out so better go. No recipe for the pasta, it’s so easy. Just about half a cup of white cheeses melted in about half a cup of milk tossed with chicken and pasta and peas. I’m too tired to turn it into a recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

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0 thoughts on “Picky Eaters”

  1. I can understand the temptation to just give in. That is a lot to go up against 24 hours a day. (Especially when he’s sneaky about it and knows that he can wear your dad down!) I’m surprised he didn’t have a tummy ache eating that for breakfast! Thanks for the prayers. I think they helped! I feel better already. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This experience is just like with kids. the minute they learn to speak it’s aruging all day long. You know what’s one of the first word they learn to say?
    … “no”.

  3. A) What’s wrong with brownies and ice cream for b-fast!?
    B) Those cheese sound amazing
    C) if you lift the lid it’s where they DUMP the buckets of honey, there’s no bees, it’s a funny sign, we peeked!!!
    D) Geocaching rocks, you need to take Jolly so he understand what it is!

  4. My grandson, Emory, who is six years old is a functioning autistic, I hope that he is just like Jason when he grows up =D!


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