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Pregnant Halloween 2012!


Happy Halloween everyone!  This year, for me, the Halloween season has been all about being pregnant.  When Eric asked what we wanted to carve for our pumpkin, I of course said, “It has to be a pregnant pumpkin!”  I couldn’t find one in a shape I liked, so decided to carve out an ultrasound instead.

Actually, I should clarify. I picked the pattern and traced it, then I lay on the couch breathing through Braxton Hicks contractions while Eric did all the hard work with the rest of the family.  What a guy!

I had grand plans for this Halloween, expecting to continue the tradition we started last year of setting up a hot chocolate stand for trick or treaters.  I also planned to be a mommy mummy, with this vision of a beautiful dress I’d create by attaching strips of linen to a white skirt and shirt.

I wasn’t thinking about putting a costume like that together taking extra time, money, and energy.


This morning, at the last minute, I went with pregnant cowgirl instead. Maybe I can be a mummy for the next pregnancy!

We aren’t even doing the hot chocolate stand this year.  In fact I broke down in tears last night, overcome with exhaustion and worrying that a night of trick or treaters would make me to worn out to work the next day, a big problem since I had to use up all my sick leave last week!  Eric, the voice of reason, suggested we just put up a sign and go to bed early.  “We don’t have to do anything honey.”

So I write this Happy Halloween post from my bed. It’s 5pm and we’re going to take a night off, reading to each other (and baby!) and maybe watching a movie.  Yep, big party plans going on here!

What did you do for Halloween this year?

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3 thoughts on “Pregnant Halloween 2012!”

  1. Just posted on your pumpkin spice recipe….you are so stinkin cute.. (i looked like a beached buluga whale when i was pregnant. urg;)
    and If you don’t mind i think i am going to steal your hot chocolate stand idea for next year!


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