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Pregnant Party


Eric comes from a very big extended family. With lots of cousins and second cousins in their twenties and thirties at the same time, it’s not surprising that several of us ended up being pregnant at the same time!


Five of us ladies are due within a five month time frame.  The four of us who live in Washington decided to get together for a pregnant party to celebrate our upcoming little ones and commiserate over our various symptoms and side effects.  We of course made sure to include the out of town cousin in our photo!

Notice we currently have two boys and two girls. My sister in law Heather and her husband are going to wait until the baby is born to find out the gender. They think they’re having a girl, so we’ll see which way they break the tie!


Of course Heather and I had to have the cousins give each other a hug!


It’s been so exciting to get to be pregnant with my sister-in-law. We’ve had a ton of fun comparing nursery plans and registries, researching cloth diapers and just cheering each other on.  She also gets to learn from all my mistakes since I’m due six weeks earlier 😉

Now here’s where I can use help from those of you who have children or have cared for children. What are some items you couldn’t live without for raising babies?

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4 thoughts on “Pregnant Party”

  1. a decent changing table, large swaddle blankets, teethers, warm footie jammies, Costco wipes and diapers. =0)

    If you are going to breast feed – patience, time, nursing tank tops and bras, a comfortable couch or chair, and a good breast pump (for a little extra freedom that you will appreciate at some point down the road.) =0)

  2. Since you said cloth diapers… my younger daughter is 9 weeks old today and we use Bum Genius. We bought them for our older daughter but she had super sensitive skin and cloth of all kinds caused rashes, so we did disposables for her. They work great for baby 2 though so I would suggest just getting a few of several different styles then see how it goes once the baby is born, when you can stock up on what you like! Good luck.

  3. Don’t know if you have them in the US, but whenever I’ve worked with babies I’ve found the clips that attach their dummies (pacifiers) to them on a cord is a great thing! So many babies throw them away when they’re screaming only to decide they want them back 2 minutes later. 🙂

    Though I’m due in 2.5 weeks and I’m going to try my hardest not to use dummies/pacifiers if I can!


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