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Preparing for Spring and Homeopathic Allergy Relief (with $100 giveaway!)

first-tulip-spring Spring has supposedly arrived but I’m not buying it. We’ve had snow or hail more times than I can count over the past few weeks. It’s cold, windy and dreary. Basically, it’s been a typical Western Washington March. We have had a few days of sun, enough to encourage some of my bulbs to send out colorful pastel flowers. And enough for me to get started on some of my outdoor spring preparations.

Our first task to prepare for spring was cutting down the trees damaged by winter storms. diana-chainsaw-vertical This unfortunately led to our next, ongoing, task of dealing with all the trees and branches all over our yard!!! A more fun, ongoing outdoor project has been building a chicken coop. diana-building-chicken-coop

My dream of getting chickens allowed in our city limits has been realized, and we’d love to get some chicks this spring. Knowing how hectic our schedule can get, I decided that even though the chicks will stay indoors a few weeks, we needed to wait until our coop was actually ready to get the little babies. It’s the only way to be certain they’ll have a home when they need it.

Indoors, I’ve started over 200 seeds for my edible garden plan. More on this later but you can check out what gardening resources I’m using to get an idea of what I’m trying this year. cucumber-seedlings We’re also in the midst of exchanging exchange students! Usually after a quarter or two, they decide they’re ready to try living on their own with friends, and we happily let them out of the nest to help them grow in their independence.

It’s always a little hectic because there’s lots to do, cleaning and prepping the rooms for the new students, and of course helping them get past culture shock when they first arrive.

Spring is always full of new things going on, but unfortunately it’s also usually the time I get so overtaken by allergies I can barely function.

I saw an allergy specialist who told me that though I didn’t actually test positive for any of the 64 shots they gave me (30 pinpricks and 34 injections, I kid you not!), I’m what they call sensitive and probably have chronic sinusitis.

That basically means anything people might have allergies to (dust, mold, pollen, etc), I react to with fits of sneezing, runny nose, post nasal drip and all the other not fun allergic symptoms.

I remember his words sounded like a cell door slamming shut on my body as he said, “You’ll just have to take medication for the rest of your life.”

So every night before bed I’ve been taking a little pink pill and a little white pill to help keep me from melting into a big ball of sneeze driven goo the next day. It’s not that taking the pills is difficult or even that expensive. It’s become a part of my routine.

The problem is this just grates on the side of me that wants to live a natural and chemical free life. I’m not against medicine, but after years of childhood illnesses and health issues, my little body was so stuffed to the brim with medications that I really try to focus on healthy living now and turn to medication only when absolutely necessary.

I’ve just started exploring homeopathic remedies and was really excited when BlogHer contacted me about reviewing an allergy relief nasal mist from Similasan. I was sitting on my couch, literally surrounded by a pile of tissues because I had decided to try going off my allergy medication a few days earlier and was reaping the consequences.

“YES!!!” I shouted in a sinus pressure induced daze at their offer of a homeopathic way to relieve my allergy symptoms, then sheepishly typed a response realizing they couldn’t actually hear my answer.

When I got the little bottle of Similasan Nasal Allergy Relief, I eagerly read all about how the nasal mist stimulates the body’s natural ability to relieve symptoms associated with nasal allergies like runny, itchy noses, sneezing and congestion, acute and chronic rhinitis, post nasal drip and sinus pressure.

Then I started researching all the ingredients online and calling my pharmacist to make sure it really was chemical and preservative free (it was!). Once I decided this was really worth trying, I used a couple sprays in each side and lay down on the couch to try and catch a nap between sneezes. While I won’t pretend I immediately felt like a million bucks, I did see results pretty quickly. I wasn’t actually able to fall asleep but got a little rest and noticed within an hour that it no longer felt like a giant man was digging his thumbs into my cheekbones, oh blessed relief!

In addition to the sinus pressure reducing, my sneezing (which had been pretty much constant) was down to just one or two sneezes every few hours.

Intrigued, I decided I’d use the mist for a week before actually reviewing it. By the end of the week, my symptoms were completely manageable.

The most exciting was that my post nasal drip was no longer bothering me! I won’t go into details, but if you’ve had a post nasal drip, you know what I’m talking about here.


I used the mist twice a day for six days and absolutely felt a huge relief of my allergy symptoms. I’m going to start using the mist once a day now to see how that works, and have already checked that my local Walgreens does carry it (at an affordable price!) so I can get more whenever I need it. Now I’m starting to love spring! first-flowers-2012 Well, that’s how I’m getting ready for Spring, how about you? Let me know in the comments below for your chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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110 thoughts on “Preparing for Spring and Homeopathic Allergy Relief (with $100 giveaway!)”

  1. I’ve used that before, and it does work! I also have spring hayfever because of all the pollen, but what is really helping me now is using my netipot every morning with warm water, one saline packet, and one drop of organic GSE (grapefruit seed extract), which is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. I also add it to water and drink it, and gargle with it and warm salt water if I have a tickly throat. I love that stuff! It’s helping me through spring (we also are renting an old house with old dusty carpet and furniture, so the GSE is a Godsend).

    As for getting ready for spring, other than homeopathy, I’m making lists and organizing! I’m also going to try organizing my lists with Evernote. Getting rid of old clothes (found a clothes recycling bin near us for clothes that are too old to donate), toys, books, etc. Feels great!

  2. I usually get ready for spring by doing some ‘spring cleaning’ of the house, but this year it will be extra intense spring cleaning since I’m moving in about a month! 🙂

  3. Excellent review. I prepare for spring by packing my bags and flying back to the northeast from a warmer climate. I’m not too bothered with allergies, however, I am very pleased to see an all natural product on the market at long last. Thanks for sharing with this great review!

  4. to prepare for spring i put all my winter clothes away and clean my entire bedroom (which is a huge task for me) 🙂

  5. To prepare for spring I’ve donated a lot of old clothes, and cleaned out my closet.

    Also, I’ve gotten my bike tuned up! I cant wait for consistently warm weather, so my husband and I can go on long bike rides. 🙂

  6. To prepare for spring I weed through old clothes, and clean out the garage. We usually have a neighborhood garage sale in spring, so it’s a good motivator to gather up unused stuff.

  7. To prepare for spring, I try to do a very thorough dusting/vaccuuming/washing of any rooms I sleep in so I have areas where my allergies can’t be triggered. I also go with my mom to stock up on raw honey from a local health food store. A friend of ours mentioned adding raw honey created by local bees to our diets to help with our allergies, and it’s worked immensely. I also start modifying my sleep schedule so I don’t get run down as, being a grad student, this is about the time when my schedule goes insane and I need those extra bits of sleep to keep my immune system above the stress and allergies.

  8. Wow I tested negative for all that stuff also, but I have chronic sinuitis, etc like you. I am going to try that spray because right now I am on one that can cause cataracts, which I really don’t want in my 40’s!!! Plus like you I am trying not to take anymore meds than I have to. I have a couple I have to take for diabetes, but that is all I want to have to take!

  9. How am I preparing for spring? Well, things are busy at the Petersen farm. We just finished digging the dahlias from last season and will get them back in the ground soon. We also pulled the remnants of the broccoli. Nels hopes to till the garden in the coming weeks in preparation for our summer produce customers. Our calves are weened now, so we will be slaughtering beef in a couple weeks. We are also retiring our current flock of chickens and will be getting new chicks shortly. Phew!

  10. I prepare for spring by ordering my seeds for my garden. Then I get out there and try to plant some pansies. We pull out the patio furniture from the garage. I get down all the kiddos outside toys. I also start pulling out the short sleeves and shorts. I open the windows, then soon close them ’cause we’re all sneezing! Oh, the joy of allergies!

  11. Aloha! Spring? What is that? Is it similar to mango season? Our local honey vendor at the Swap Meet suggested a tsp a day of locally produced honey helps with allergies. Not sure how it works.


  13. I did my spring cleaning a month or two ago, now it feels like summer is already here (in central FL). Allergies are definitely a problem in the months we’ve had the windows open (all winter, pretty much), so I’m interested in the Similisan product you reviewed. We use their drops for pink eye (I think they’ve changed the name to “Irritated Eye Drops” now, but the ingredients are the same. They work quite well–usually the eye clears up within 24 hours, though it has taken up to 2 days on a bad case.

  14. Since spring only lasts about five minutes in the South, there’s not much to get ready for. But I can tell the extreme shifts in temperature really do a number on my sinuses! I have been using a saline inhaler to see if that will help. Too early to tell, but I like “natural” remedies instead of …er… “unnatural” ones. So I’d definitely be willing to give Similasan a try!

  15. I am so thankful spring is approaching. I’m ready to get my veggie garden prepped & then also start working on my pond project this summer.

  16. My husband has bad allergies and this is “snot-season”. I prepare by washing out the filter in our bedroom window air conditioner since it’s been in the attic all winter and vacuuming under the bed in our room. I also take down the blinds and valances and wash them. Time to change out our drawers to and put away sweaters and bring out the shorts. Oh, and I stock a fresh box of tissues next to his side of the bed!

  17. I get ready for spring by stocking up on tissue and cleaning my house of dust.


  18. We planted carrots and green onions in the garden for spring. I really want some chickens too, just need to convince the boyfriend. Thanks for the giveaway.
    songyueyu at gmail

  19. We spring clean, take clothes to consignment and get our garden ready for planting
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  20. Lately I have been working with our trees as well. Fortunately there was no damage due to wind. They are just HUGE and need to be controlled. I am also making plans to switch where my garden currently is, to another part of my yard. And hopefully I will start a fruit garden (i.e. raspberries, strawberries, etc.). I am glad Similasan worked so well for you!

  21. I do a thorough cleaning of the entire house between March and April, wash and pack away all winter clothes, prepare my garden–pull weeds, add manure and turn over soil. I start seedlings on my patio and put out in the ground on April 1st. This year i have jalapenos, corn, watermelon, pumpkins, cucumbers, peas, beans, but my tomatoes never came out.

  22. this spring I am cleaning everything in my house starting with the vents. We also need to remember to clean out the airpurifier!

    tuesdayef at aol. com

  23. I prepare for Spring by walking around the lake every day to watch the changes. I love Spring.
    Thanks for the contest.

  24. I prepare for spring by being sure that I have plenty of “tears” eye drops. I don’t usually get nasal allergy symptoms, but my eyes make me NUTS! On a fun note, I also start shopping for veggie seeds and flower seeds for the spring/summer growing season!

  25. My favorite thing – What I get so excited to do all winter – to prepare for spring is to start my seeds for plants for my garden. I have a great set up in my basement and I’ve got a quite a green thumb and can start almost anything from seed to plant. I start upwards of 250 plants from seed each spring and I love to watch them sprout and grow. They are like my babies.

  26. We get ready for spring by stocking up on our allergy meds!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  27. I have to take some kind of allergy med year round but in Spring and most of the Summer I have to take a higher dose. I don’t like that.


  28. To get ready for spring,I start cleaning out the garage-too much stuff gets stored in there.Plus we prepare the ground for our garden thanks

  29. I’m getting in the full cleaning mode for spring. Going through closets, drawers and cupboards to find the things we haven’t used and finding another home for them. Thorough carpet cleaning, curtain laundering and window cleaning (especially the screens with the winter buildup) makes me happier both mentally and physically.

  30. I am also doing a lot of Spring cleaning/decluttering. Stowing away all of our cold weather clothing that takes up so much room. Cleaning all the windows and mini-blinds so the sun shines in.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  31. We prepare for Spring & allergy season by drinking lots and lots of water, upping our veggies and fruits and keeping a stock of tissues! 🙂


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