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Salmon Cucumber Sushi Roll Recipe (The Patti Roll)

Salmon cucumber sushi rolls with cream cheese are pretty popular at one of our nearby sushi restaurants, so I thought the salmon cream cheese dip would be perfect for making some sushi of our own.  As I packed up the kitchen in our apartment I made sure to leave some wrappers, rice, and soy sauce in a cupboard for us to have sushi for lunch one day.  Since the dip recipe is from Eric’s mom, I decided to call this the Patti Roll!

I used the same soy wrappers that I made Spicy Dungeness Crab Sushi with.  I got mine from AsianFoodGrocer, but you can also get soy wrappers on Amazon.  You have to be gentle with them because they tear more easily than nori (the seaweed you typically see used as wrappers for sushi) but I really like them and so does Eric.

One thing I didn’t have on hand was wasabi, so I spread some horseradish in the roll and really liked that.  If you have wasabi use it, because it’s packs a stronger punch, but horseradish works too.  You can leave it out if you don’t like spicy, but we love the burn!

We’re all moved out of our apartment and just have some cleaning to do there tomorrow.  The Comcast guy came and hooked everything up for us at the house so I can post regularly again, hooray!!!  Eric and I worked on setting up our desks and the living room area while we waited for him.  One of my favorite possessions was unpacked, and boy do I feel like a dork showing it to you!

Yes, it’s true, I’m a Lord of the Rings nerd!  At age 11 I taught myself Quenya, and I’ve read the books more times than I can count.  I’ve seen all the movies over 10 times, and can quote most of them by heart.  Fortunately Eric is also a bit of an LOTR nerd, in fact when we got married and combined our DVD collections we found we both had theatrical and extended editions of all three movies!

Okay, enough about my fantastical obsessions.  You now know more than you ever wanted to know about me!  My last note on that photo is that remodeling a house and moving yourself is an AMAZING workout!  Of course it also means my muscles ache every night, but I’ll be ready for swimsuit season 😉

Salmon Cucumber Sushi Roll

makes 3 rolls


1 tsp rice vinegar
dash of sugar
1 cup of rice, cooked
3 soy wrappers
1/2 cup salmon dip
1 TBS horseradish
1/2 cucumber peeled and cut into spears
soy sauce (I always use Aloha Shoyu)


Mix the rice vinegar and sugar in a small bowl, then mix with the rice.  Spread your rice out on a large plate or cookie sheet to cool.  Lay out your wrappers and use your fingers to spread a thin layer of rice over the wrappers leaving a 1/2 inch strip rice free at one end.
Spread salmon dip along the end opposite from the empty strip of wrapper, then spread a little horseradish on top of the salmon dip.  Lay cucumber spears along that end (either one lond cucumber spear or short ones end to end).
Begin rolling the sushi from the end with the salmon and cucumber towards the empty end.  Be gentle, squeezing the roll along its length as you go.  When you reach the end wet your fingers and run them along the empty strip of wrapper then press to seal it.  Squeeze the roll again to make sure it’s nice and tight.
Use a sharp knife to cut the sushi, wetting between each cut if needed.  Serve with soy sauce for dipping.
Approximate cost/serving: The total cost for 3 rolls is about $3.  Eric and I usually eat one roll each but sometimes split 3 so it comes out to between $1 and $1.50 a serving.

Gluten Free: Yes, just make sure you use gluten free soy sauce.

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7 thoughts on “Salmon Cucumber Sushi Roll Recipe (The Patti Roll)”

  1. Looks great! I’ve always been somewhat nervous about making sushi, but I think I would really like this. I know my family would! So funny about your LOTR obession. My husband is also, has been since he was a boy. Our kiddos middle names elanor and estel. 🙂

  2. These rolls look great! I haven’t made sushi in years, but this makes me want to again.

    I’m a real fan of salmon — in any form too and this looks so fresh and refreshing.

  3. Those are gorgeous! This is the first time I’m seeing the soy wrappers and the color is outstanding. We try and have sushi on Friday nights, sometimes we buy and sometimes we make our own. This is a great idea!

  4. Wahoo! I’m so excited that you guys are getting to move in! I love the flavor combo in these rolls. One of our local grocery stores carries the soy wrappers, so I think we’ll be having these tomorrow for lunch. Squirrel will be saying THANK YOU! 🙂


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