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Strawberry Shortcake for Only 30 cents!

Another strawberry dessert!  I was needing to use up my strawberries and thinking about what I’d make with them when I walked into our local grocery store and saw angel food cake bars for $1.  I looked at the list of ingredients and was surprised to see that it looked like something I could actually make myself (not a bunch of chemical sounding ingredients).  So for only $1 I couldn’t resist.

The bar can be sliced into 10 pieces so at 10 cents a cake slice, the price can’t be beat!  Strawberry shortcake is usually made with pound cake or biscuits, but I really like the lightness of the angel food cake.  To keep it even lighter, I decided to make a topping using light sour cream rather than heavy whipping cream.

One of my favorite ways to eat strawberries is to dip them in sour cream and then brown sugar, so I played with that by mixing brown sugar into light sour cream.  This dessert is about 200 calories less than your typical serving of strawberry shortcake, in fact it felt so healthy to me I had some for breakfast the next day!

This was also fun because it was my first chance to use my new photography studio!  We have a large entry room with a huge window that Eric said can be my photography room.  We still have some boxes and furniture and things in there that take up space, but eventually it will be mine, all mine!  I have a giant entertainment unit of shelves against one wall to fill with my tablecloths, specialty dishes, placemats and other props to keep the kitchen cupboards less cluttered.

I played around with getting used to the lighting and know it’s going to be fantastic.  Right on the other side of the window is our covered front porch so the light is never too direct.  I’m so excited about how a great space can improve my photography.

Easy Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

serves 10


1 angel food cake bar
25 medium to large strawberries
1/4 cup light sour cream
2 TBS brown sugar
(optional 1-2 TBS milk)


Slice angel food cake into 10 pieces.  Slice the strawberries into 3-5 pieces.  Mix sour cream and brown sugar together.  If not thin enough to pour you can add a little milk and mix well.

Place cake on a plate, top with strawberry slices and drizzle with sour cream and sugar mixture.

Approximate cost/serving: This only cost me 30 cents a serving because the strawberries and angel food cake were so cheap.  Sour cream is also cheaper than heavy cream so it’s a pretty affordable healthy dessert!

Vegetarian: Totally!

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    • Sorry to hear you didn’t like it Jessica. Do you like strawberries dipped in sour cream and brown sugar? That’s the inspiration behind it. Very popular dessert in my circle of friends, but if that’s not something you like I can see how the sour cream flavor would be a shock.


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