This cake batter ice cream recipe doesn't require any cooking. Simply mix and churn for amazing ice cream that tastes just like birthday cake! From

Cake Batter Ice Cream Recipe

Have you been daydreaming of a visit to a nearby creamery for some cake batter ice cream? This recipe will make your sweet dreams a reality! Cake Batter Ice Cream Recipe … Read more

Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

This could quite possibly be my favorite way to preserve strawberries, in homemade ice cream! This custard based ice cream is oh so sweet with the dreamy taste of summer.  … Read more

How to Temper Eggs


If you’re not sure how to make ice cream, you probably are clueless in how to temper an egg.  Maybe you don’t even know what tempering eggs means!  Not to worry, I’m here to help.  I used to be clueless myself about how to temper eggs.  I made all my ice cream recipes (like my oh so popular blueberry ice cream) eggless.  My first attempts at tempering eggs (which means heating them slowly in a hot liquid) produced pumpkin pie scrambled eggs, not as tasty as it sounds.  But I’ve learned and now find it easy to do, so I’m sharing a step by step photo tutorial with you before sharing my newest ice cream recipe.  Are you ready?!

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Frozen Banana Ice Cream (Ice Cream that’s good for you!)

Homemade Banana Ice Cream, the healthiest ice cream recipe ever!
Homemade Banana Ice Cream, the healthiest ice cream recipe ever!

If you haven’t yet heard of frozen banana ice cream, you are going to be so stoked.  This is a recipe that can change your life.  The only sugar is the natural sugar in the bananas.  It’s simply bananas and milk, that’s right, the healthiest ice cream recipe in the world! It can even be made without milk if you want vegan ice cream. When I was taking care of my brother last week, he would get “fun time” with me if he finished his chores and responsibilities with a good attitude.  I’d offer all sorts of things like seeing a movie, going to the park, playing a sport, but he always chose to cook or bake with me in the kitchen.

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A Cheap Date Day in Seattle

We live about 40 minutes away from Seattle, and have learned it can be a fun place for dates, and there are lots of ways to have fun in Seattle on a tight budget.  My cousin Jeremie brought his girlfriend Katelyn up to see the city, and Eric and I had to privelege of playing tour guides.  Here’s some photos of our day, and a list of cheap/FREE things to do in Seattle.

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