Korean Recipe: Bibimbap

Bibimbap, Bibimbap!  I just love saying it!  Go ahead, try it out.  Say it Bee Bim Bop.  Isn’t it fun?  But more than fun to say, bibimbap is fun to … Read more

Carrot Zucchini Stir Fry Recipe

The two vegetables we’re getting a lot of in our CSA right now are carrots and zucchini.  That’s just fine with me because I have SO many fun ways to use them.  Tonight I’m going to bake some carrot zucchini bread, and last night we had the fastest stir fry ever.  Seriously!  The rice took 20 minutes, but once it was done I whipped up this stir fry in less than five minutes,  in fact the entire meal was ready in under half an hour.

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Stir Fry Recipe: Exotic Eating On a Food Stamp Budget

Asian recipes are probably my favorite to come up with.  Growing up in Hawaii gave me a huge craving for Asian food, and a wealth of knowledge from my aunties, uncles, and tutus (those are grandmas by the way!) of multiple Asian ethnicities.  They’re also great on a budget because with rice and noodles in the recipe, it’s easier to stretch your more expensive ingredients like meat and produce.

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