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Taking Care of Business: July 2013 Blog Update

Mother and Baby in Park

How can you not smile when you see that photo? I know I break into a grin every time. My friend Kristen perfectly captured the joy that I feel about being a mom. I was so blessed by the photo shoot she did with Corban and I so that we could surprise Eric this Father’s Day with a photo for his desk at work.

Now that you’ve had your smile for the day, it’s time for business.  I just wanted to give you all an update on where things are with the blog.

First of all, I have been absolutely horrible about responding to comments. I admit it, I apologize, and I plan to improve.

Starting during my pregnancy, I’ve been so overwhelmed trying to get posts up that I pretty much stopped answering comments. I realize now that answering the comments is actually even more important than getting the next post out. I don’t just want this to be an online diary or recipe box, I want it to be a community. I really value each and every one of you and LOVE hearing from you.

So, this week I’m starting in on the hundreds of comments that have been left over the past year. I know I’ll miss some, and I’m sorry. But I promise you that I am placing a high value on comments and will do a better job moderating them and responding from now on.

I also want to call your attention to the small paragraph that will now appear at the end of every post.

Our traffic to the site has been growing, which is wonderful and exciting! This has also meant that our hosting needs have grown, and expenses have increased. Now that I’m no longer working outside the home, it’s also difficult to afford the cost of ingredients for testing a recipe several times.  To help handle these costs, I’m going to start including more affiliate links, and adding them into old posts.

I want to emphasize that using these links will in no way increase the cost of anything you buy. But if you end up buying something from the site within 24 hours of clicking the link, Eating Richly gets a small commission. It’s not much, but every little bit helps!

I will not be creating my content around links, or anything like that. Just adding them in where they fit naturally.

We are also almost done with a couple new videos. Being married to a videographer and having majored in film and video myself (though I dropped out before graduating for various crazy reasons), it is just crazy that we don’t do more videos.

SO…our first new video will be out on Monday, watch for it people! We hope to do at least a couple every month depending on how much we like making them and you like watching them.

Finally, I am STILL working on the final installment of Corban’s birth story! I’m really struggling to find time for writing. I find that Corban’s nap times are when I get to do little things like eat and shower. Yes, kind of important.  I need to find some other writing moms and find out how they got back into a rhythm after their baby was born. I find I only get 15-20 minute chunks to write, which makes it difficult to gather my thoughts and get them out on paper (or through a keyboard!). But I’m getting little bits done here and there and hope to have it finished by the end of summer.

That’s all for now. Come back Monday to check out a video from our recent beach trip showing you step by step how to grill oysters.

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3 thoughts on “Taking Care of Business: July 2013 Blog Update”

  1. I have not written out G’s birth story yet. Started but so far from being done. It’s a reminder that I know I would have had more detail if I worked on it right away. Oh well, the point is we both have awesome, healthy sons we love so much 🙂

    • Yes, so true! I took notes to help me remember. I find that even though the pain itself is not such a strong memory any more, all the details and emotions are still very clear. But I tend to have a vivid memory, think that’s why I love writing!

  2. First of all don’t respond to this comment! lol… I really enjoy checking in on your blog and it’s been fun to follow along with the recipes and your life. Thank you for sharing and know that it is so normal to only have snippets of time to get anything done! Mothering is extremely time consuming and the energy to do anything goes in spurts. I haven’t touched my blog in months (thankfully no one is depending on it for a job) but my kids are mostly clothed and fed and my house gets picked up occasionally.
    Bless you on your new mom journey and I’ll continue to check in and see what you have to say. =)


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