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The Cheesiest Mummy Ever

Mummy made out of cheese
I forgot to post this earlier. I saw the idea for this mummy on Taste of Home. It was so cute I had to make it! It is really simple. Just get a couple of pre-packaged cheese logs and cut them into your body shapes. Then mix 8 oz of cream cheese with 2 TBS of milk. Put into a frosting bag with a basket weave tip and pipe bandages onto the mummy. Use a couple cloves, peppercorns, or other small black items for eyes, and something red like bell pepper for a mouth.

For some authenticity, I dyed a little bit of the cream cheese gray and spread it up one side of the bag. That gave the edges of the bandages a grayish tinge and gave it more depth. Thanks to my sister Sharon for that idea!

Diana kitchen
By the way, I made my apron for my Halloween costume (Eric and I were John and Cindy McCain, so I went for the perfect trophy wife look ๐Ÿ™‚ This was my first project on the sewing machine my wonderful grandmother gave to me.

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0 thoughts on “The Cheesiest Mummy Ever”

  1. Look how cute you look! You are a trophy wife girl! And are your shoes Fleuvog’s? They are adorable. I’m tucking away this cheese mummy in my mind for next Halloween. Cute!

  2. Thanks guys. It was so much fun! Joie, I had to google fluevogs, they are adorable! Dangerously adorable at $300 a pair. Mine are from Payless several years ago. More in my pay scale!


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