No, I don’t have a recipe for upside pizza.  That’s just what we jokingly called the piping hot homemade pizza that slid off of my pizza stone and flipped over onto the oven rack Saturday night.  Eric ran in from the living room, then we grabbed potholders and somehow managed to flip the whole rack over to get the pizza back onto the stone (with only minor burns to our arms and fingers).  It still tasted delicious, and I think our newest exchange student (who helped make the pizza on his first night with us) was entertained to see how unfazed we were by the near disaster.  I know sometimes the blog can make it look like I have it all together in the kitchen, but I assure you, that is not the case!  Just wanted to share the evidence with you so that next time you have a kitchen mishap, you know you’re not alone.  Actually, I’d love to be encouraged to know I’m not alone!  Have you had any disasters or near disasters in the kitchen lately?  Do tell!

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