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Video of Foodbuzz Food Blogger Festival and Day 3 Recap

Finally, the long awaited day 3 recap of the Foodbuzz Food Blogger Festival in San Francisco.  I had been waiting until I finished the video to post it and then got overwhelmed with the holidays and forgot about it.  Here you go!

Foodbuzz Festival Jaden Bacon Bloody Mary

We had brunch at Restaurant Lulu, an excellent spread using Nature’s Pride bread in a lot of the dishes.  The bacon was the most popular, and Jaden used hers to create a new signature cocktail, The Bacon Bloody Mary!

Foodbuzz Festival Diana Jaden Elise

It was time to say goodbye to everyone.  Definitely the best part of the week was getting to spend time with food blogger friends that I don’t get to see often enough.  Can’t wait until the next event I get to go to!

Diana Francis Sarah

Next, if you can believe it, I went to eat MORE FOOD!  Several of the Seattle Food bloggers had arranged in advance to have an after party lunch at Yank Sing once the festival was over.  I used to have dim sum almost every Sunday in Hawaii, but since moving to Washington, it’s been over three years!  I’d heard a lot about Yank Sing and so was excited to try it.  It was great to meet Francis‘ girlfriend Sarah.

yank sing seattle gals

From left to right are Rachel, Lorraine and Naomi.  Naomi was the one to get the Yank Sing obsession started.  She said she grew up on…

yank sing chili pepper sauce

..the chili pepper sauce.  It was pretty good but I got totally grossed out when I looked at the picture once I was back home and noticed a hair sticking out of it!

jeters viva la foodies

Also joining us were Jenn, who used to live in Seattle but is now in San Francisco (so great to see you Jenn!), and the Viva La Foodies!

yank sing chicken feet

I have to say that I was rather disappointed with the dim sum at Yank Sing.  It was great to have dim sum again, especially chicken feet which are a special treat to me, but the experience was really mediocre.  The chicken feet were sadly a little overcooked.

yank sing custard

The custard tarts were alright, mostly they reminded me that I’ve been wanting to make some myself!

yank sing soup dumpling

The highlight of the meal was definitely the soup dumplings.  Each dumpling has broth in addition to the meat and spurts in delightful bursts into your mouth.  At $30 a person, I think I’ll skip Yank Sing next time I’m in San Francisco.   It costs 2-3 times as much as other dim sum places and isn’t worth the increase in price.  But I’m glad I could say I’ve gone.

Diana Jaden Oysters San Francisco

On to the next after party…okay, so it was only Jaden and I, but it felt like an after party to me!  We headed over to the Ferry Building during the hour we had until airport time.  We fit in as much as we possibly could in that one hour, including Jaden kindly springing for MORE OYSTERS!  Oh yes, a woman after my own heart.

steamed clams

We went to the Hog Island Oyster Bar because we loved their oysters so much at the festival.  We tried an assortment of raw oysters, a cooked oyster dish, and steamed clams.  We had stopped by the mushroom shop first where Jaden bought a jar of truffle salt which we sprinkled on the raw oysters.  Jaden shared it with the family next to us at the bar and they were so excited to go buy their own.

Definitely a big the highlight of the weekend was getting to see Jaden and Elise again.  The photo above was taken on our first night by the talented Marc of NoRecipes.  I’m MAJORLY excited that I’ll be seeing them again in just a couple weeks at the biggest and most amazing event yet, at Club Med Ixtapa!  I promise I’ll get a video for that done right after the event, rather than a month later!

Foodbuzz Food Blogger Festival in San Francisco 2009 from Diana Johnson on Vimeo.

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