This year’s gingerbread contest took the competition to a whole new level!  As last year’s winners, Eric and I got to choose this year’s theme.  We chose “A Science Fiction Christmas” and the results were truly out of this world!  Below are the three entries with detailed photos.  We need you to help us determine the winner by viewing the entries and then voting for your favorite at the end.  We’d also love it if you’d share in the comments why it was your favorite.  Voting will  be open until December 26, 2011 at 6pm Pacific time.  Thanks so much!

House #1 Santa’s Workshop


All fun loving little boys and girls want a robot, jet plane, spaceship or ray gun to play with.  The elves have been very busy this year fulfilling all of Santa’s orders.


Check out the mortar work on the sides of Santa’s workshop using Chex and color coordinated frosting.


Each window has a black licorice sill with beautiful candy coated pretzel sticks.


They don’t need gutters in the North Pole, so have pretzels and gingerbread men instead.


Cheerful fondant elves are hard at work on gummy jets, and fondant spaceships and ray guns. Check out the amazing detail on the inner walls!


Don’t you want a gumdrop robot of your very own?

House #2 Stargate SG-1 Saves the Penguins


The SG-1 team has discovered that Santa Claus does exist, unfortunately he’s really a Goa’uld enslaving the native penguin inhabitants of another world.  The team is taking on his minion gingerbread men and snowmen to free the penguins and return the planet to their ownership.


The D.H.D and Stargate are made of gingerbread with gumdrop chevrons and a melted jolly rancher event horizon.


Hopefully white chocolate Samantha Carter notices the gingerbread man hiding behind the snowbank.


The gumdrop penguin prisoners eagerly await rescue.


While Teal’c takes out evil snowmen with his staff Colonel O’Neill flattens gingerbread men with a nearby jaw breaker.


The Claus compound has spiky peppermint kisses on the roof.

House #3 Christmas Cola Abduction

coca-cola-bear space-invasion

During the filming of a recent “Coca-Cola Polar Bear” commercial, the cola supplies mysteriously disappeared.  The set was later visited by men in black suits, this photo is all that remains.


These gummi Coke bottles won’t be safe for long.


Several bottles have already been caught in the spaceship’s melted jolly rancher tractor beam.


The gingerbread spaceship hovers mysteriously overhead.

candy-path-coca cola-bear

One bear relaxes after a walk down the sweet candy path.


The other hand cut gingerbread polar bear skates on a melted jolly rancher pond.

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