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What menu item do you want me to share with you?

Brasa Private Dining
photo from brasa.com

This Sunday evening I will be joining several other Foodbuzz Featured Publishers for a free dinner at Brasa Restaurant in Seattle. I’m so excited and have been looking at their menu for two weeks now! Unfortunately I still haven’t decided how to spend my $50 in food money, so I need your help. This is my first poll on my blog so I hope it works. There are two menus to choose from, the lounge menu and the dinner menu.

I’ve decided that I want to get the curried mussels for sure, because since we are going to be in the lounge at Happy Hour it’s only $6 and I love curried mussels. I also want to get the creme brulee from their dessert menu because I’ve never had it before but keep wanting to make some. But that’s only $14, so I need your help picking my main dish/dishes!

I’ve included 6 options, if you see something else on the menu leave a comment and I’ll consider it as well. First is Paella, a rice dish with chicken, shellfish and sausage which I’ve never had all together at once. Next is Muscovy Duck Breast, I’ve never had duck and would love to try it because I heard it’s difficult to cook well. Third is Risotto, just because I love risotto and this one has nettles which I’ve only been stung by, not ingested. Then we have the Lamb Burger simply because lamb is so good. Fifth up is the chimichurri steak which is really because I love chimichurri steak and have made it at home so it’s not a new dish, but I’m sure theirs is excellent. And last but not least is octopus, because how could I leave it off?


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0 thoughts on “What menu item do you want me to share with you?”

  1. I voted for duck–when in doubt always go for duck I always say–but it looks like you may be eating the octopus. I really hope you enjoy your dinner. When I lived in Seattle before moving to Hawaii, Brasa was a favorite. They always seemed to have consistently great food so I think you will be happy with whatever you get!



  2. Wow, you’re brave. What if you got comments saying you should have Fried Horse Hoof?

    If you’ve never had duck, YOU MUST HAVE IT. Remember the breast should be on the rare side.

    Wait, something occurs to me that may just burst your bubble. At OUR dinner, which was fantastic and with actual Foodbuzz folks (so maybe it’s not the same thing), they just preordered a lot of different stuff and we didn’t actually even see the menu.

  3. The portuguese pig is awesome. I know it’s not on your voting list but we ate there during Christmas time and that’s what I had. It’s a little spicy but not overly so. The Chorizo, Clam, Pork combination seemed strange but it worked so well.


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