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What to bring to a Party: Cheese Tray

This is the view from my apartment right now. I went out side in bare feet and wet hair to take a picture for you all! Good thing my apartment is so warm 🙂 It’s snowing even fatter snow flakes now. So beautiful. This is the time for warm comfort food, and I’ll have some of that coming, but right now here’s the next installment in my “What to bring to a Party” series.

One of the simplest and fastest party foods to put together is a cheese tray, and everyone loves it! These cheeses were left over from Eric’s and my amazing Christmas date we had on Saturday. We probably ate half in Leavenworth and brought the rest back home to bring to our Bible Study party on Tuesday.

I’m giving you a close up of our favorite recent cheese discovery. English 5 Layer Cheese. Double Gloucester with. Spring Onion &. Sage Derby from Trader Joe’s. It’s only two or three layers once I cubed it, but it is completely worth its incredibly long name. I’m going to have to go back for more. This is what the Trader Joe’s newsletter says about it.

New to our stores…
English 5 Layer Cheese
Double Gloucester with
Spring Onion &
Sage Derby
This exclusive Trader Joe’s cheese not
only tastes divine, it also looks quite beautiful
– five colorful layers of cheese are a sight to
behold. Made using 100% Dorset cow’s milk,
two traditional handmade English territorial
cheeses are featured to accomplish this striking
look: three layers of Double Gloucester with
Spring Onion and two layers of Sage Derby.
Using a delicate cutting method, rings of each
cheese are cut and stacked.
Double Gloucester has a mild, creamy
flavor, which complements the spring onions.
An old British favorite, Double Gloucester
is similar to Cheddar, though milder and less
sharp. Sage Derby (pronounced “darby”) is a
green-veined, semi-hard cheese with a mild
sage flavor. Classic indeed, the first Sage
Derby production began in England in
the seventeenth century. This cheese
pairs well with both Chardonnay
and Shiraz (it is the holidays after all).
We’re selling Trader Joe’s 5 Layer
Double Gloucester with Spring Onion and
Sage Derby Cheese for $11.99 per pound.

The white cubed cheese is Italian Black Truffle cheese, it was pretty good, but I preferred the richness of the 5 layer, and the truffle cheese didn’t have enough truffle for it to stand out. Very mild. We also had Boursin on the left, and Brie on the right. I love a cheese plate with options for dipping/spreading, as well as chunky finger food pieces. Add some crackers and a loaf of bread and you’ve got a complete party treat.

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  1. It was sooooo good. Gotta get that cheese next time I am at Joe’s!
    I didn’t like the truffle as much as the layered one either. Of course Boursin is divine all the time, my fridge is never without it!


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