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Why My Cat Deserves The Best (In His Own Words)

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I’ve had several people ask how the pets have adjusted to a baby in the house, particularly our Siamese cat Haldir, because everyone knows that if the cat isn’t happy, nobody’s happy. Well, like all cats, Haldir knows that he deserves the best. Now that Corban is the baby of the family, Haldir has decided that the best is whatever Corban has. Take co-sleeping for instance.

Every night, right before we go to bed, Haldir hides somewhere in the house. Somehow, we always think he must have decided to stay outside. Yes, our cat appears to be smarter than us. This prevents us from locking him in his room during the night, which he was totally fine with before the baby came along. When I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, he quite stealthily sneaks into our room, and climbs up onto the bed to nestle himself into daddy. That’s right, our cat has decided he’s a co-sleeper.

I think it actually started when Corban was just eight weeks old, and I captured the whole thing in photographs.

Baby fighting for bed with kitty | EatingRichly.com

Baby Corban: Mom! Haldir’s in bed with me! Tell him to give me space so I can sleep!

Baby fighting for bed with kitty | EatingRichly.com

Haldir: Oh tiny human, you have it all wrong. YOU are in bed with ME. This is my house and my family, and even though I pretend not to like you, you are my tiny human, so I am snuggling you while mom is distracted by that big black box in front of her face.

Baby Corban: But why do you have to be so close? I don’t have any room!

Haldir: Isn’t it obvious? Mom said that she’s read that co-sleeping and skin-to-skin contact is the best way to sleep. I deserve the best because I am the smartest member of this family, so I’m testing out this co-sleeping thing. Come on, lean in, I want to try the skin-to-skin thing too!

Baby fighting for bed with kitty | EatingRichly.com

Baby Corban: Fine, I’ll share with you, but I don’t have to like it.

Haldir: Ahhh, mom was right, this IS the best! I could sleep here all day. And he does. Ever since that day, Haldir has decided that if our bed is good enough for us to sleep in, it’s good enough for him. He will often spend a full eight-hour workday curled up on our bed, barely stirring when Corban and I join him for naps. I think he actually spends more time in our bed than we do in it! But there is one thing that will get him off our bed, and that’s food! Yes, he really does belong in this family, doesn’t he?

As you know, I really believe in eating whole ingredients that not only taste good, but are also the best fuel for your body. I think this applies to our pets as well, so I was excited when I was asked to participate in a campaign with SHEBA®, who makes a really high quality, nutritious cat food. My cat just cares that the food tastes good, but I have higher standards. And SHEBA® was the product that married my and my pet’s needs. Haldir was happy and I was happy.

I love that the first ingredient in all their pates is beef, poultry, or seafood, and that their products are formulated without grains, corn, and any artificial preservatives. This totally satisfies the health nut side of me. They also hold all of their entrees to a high standard, ensuring a premium meal with an irresistible taste. In fact, if your cat doesn’t love it, you get your money back. Umm, hello? This totally thrills the broke side of me. I LOVE money back guarantees!

Oh, and you know how I love sustainable seafood? Well all of SHEBA’S seafood entrees are made with responsibly sourced seafood and fish that follow the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch ® recommendations. I wish more of our nation’s people food companies cared as much about their ingredients. Way to go SHEBA®!

How does your cat’s personality fit in your family?

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  1. Those are really cute pictures. 🙂 My cat definitely thinks he runs the house, which we let him believe. He sure thinks he’s above the dog, but I think he gets lonely without us humans around.


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