Watch a two year old teach you how to scramble eggs perfectly, with step by step photos and video. You'll learn how to scramble eggs like a pro! Part of #MiniChefMondays on

How To Scramble Eggs

Not sure how to scramble eggs? Not to worry, two year old Corban is here to show you just how to make scrambled eggs with step by step photos, and … Read more

Palmiers are easy French pastries made from puff pastry dough. So simple, my toddler demonstrates how to make them. Try this recipe with your kids today! Part of #MiniChefMondays on

Easy French Pastries Kids Can Make

If the idea of making French pastries intimidates you, this is the recipe you’ve been looking for. Palmiers are easy French pastries that anyone can make in less than half … Read more

Mini Chef Mondays at How to make banana pancakes, gluten free, grain free, just eggs cinnamon and bananas. Step by step photos of my toddler making them!

How to Make Banana Pancakes

If you’ve ever wondered how to make banana pancakes, look no further. Our son Corban may only be two and a half, but he loves to cook and today he’s … Read more

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