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Corban Meets Pierre the Penguin


In the end of April our little family took a two week vacation, some time in Victoria, Canada, and some time in San Francisco. While we were in San Francisco, we decided to check out the amazing California Academy of Sciences. Our favorite part of the museum was the penguin exhibit featuring Pierre, the famous penguin who lost his feathers and needed a wetsuit for a time to be able to swim with the other penguins. Here is the story of Corban getting to meet Pierre, and if you’re interested in Pierre’s story, he has his own book!


“I don’t understand why daddy is holding me up against this window. Why is he so excited? Doesn’t he know I’m still waking up from my nap?”


“Wait, is there a light up there? I love staring at lights!”


“Hmmm, black and white, my favorite colors. Good colors for zoning out.”


“Whoa! It just went underwater!”


“Mom did you see that? It was awesome!”


“Oooh, he’s coming back! Gotta play it cool. ‘Sup!”


“Hi Pierre, I’m Corban. I really like swimming too!”


“Let’s be friends forever and ever. I’ll watch you from home on the penguin cam!”

Guess we’re going to have to get him Pierre’s book now! The trip was full of lots of firsts for Corban including plane and boat rides, weddings, and butterflies. More on that later, right now I’m going to work on finishing up his birth story!

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  1. Oh goodness, I’m glad I’m not the only one who invents captions for all my baby’s crazy faces. Ok, I do for the dog too, but they’re similar!


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