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HDDSLR Filmmaking Workshop with Gale Tattersall Day #2


Day 2 of the HDDSLR Filmmaking Workshop felt so long, but was incredibly informative.  Today was all about lighting and the more I learned the more I realized I still didn’t know.  The biggest take away was that Gale is incredibly humble.  He jokes about driving directors crazy, and with the amount of time it took to light such a tiny set to get it to fifty percent of where he wanted it, I realize he probably wasn’t joking.  But his end product is always phenomenal, and his humility and kindness make everyone eager to please him.  I’ve always believed that treating those around you with kindness is so important, and Gale obviously shares that belief.  He’s a joy to learn from.creativelive-gale-tattersall



This isn’t a pretty shot, but it’s an example of a great tip I learned.  By cutting shapes out of a foam core board, Gale broke up his “moonlight” into patterns on the wall.  It looked like moonlight shining through trees and made the wall behind the actor interesting instead of stark and distracting.


The oh so beautiful Celeste is a fantastic producer.  Even if things ran off schedule, she kept everyone running smoothly and helped us all to go with the flow.  She photographs well too!


Eric and I were talking about what makes a great producer.  We said attention to detail, flexibility and administrative skills.  Today I added to the list:  Ability to whisper very softly and to yell really loud (just to get the set quiet, she’s totally nice!).



Our lunch tables were set up in the other part of the building, owned by Chase Jarvis, the set of Chase Jarvis Live!


Had to share this lovely shot of Jenny.


Thanks so much Gale and Steven for all you’re teaching us and for being so awesome!

HDDSLR Fillmmaking Day #1


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