Rocco DiSpirito Diet Cookbook Giveaway

Now Eat This! Diet Cookbook

I’m always excited to do a giveaway, and I’m super excited today because this giveaway will have not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR winners!  This is more than a cookbook, it’s a lifestyle diet book about changing the way you eat without losing the flavor by award-winning celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito.

According to Rocco, going on a diet doesn’t necessarily mean saying farewell to all of your favorite foods.  He changed his life and his health, without giving up the foods he loves (or the flavor). He has lost more than 20 pounds, participated in dozens of triathlons, and (after an inspirational role as a guest chef on The Biggest Loser) changed his own diet and the caloric content of classic dishes on a larger scale.

In “Now Eat This! Diet”, DiSpirito offers a 2-week program for dropping up to 10 pounds, with little effort, no deprivation, and while still eating 6 meals a day. He includes a lot of American favorites like mac & cheese, meatloaf, BBQ pork chops, and chocolate malted milkshakes. The secret? Unique meal plans including 75 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snack time (all with zero bad carbs, zero bad fats, zero sugar, and maximum flavor).

I don’t know if I’ll be following the meal plan, but I’m really looking forward to trying these healthier versions of some down-home favorites.  If you want an example, check out my version of Rocco’s silken chocolate mousse.

You can buy your copy of “Now Eat This! Diet” at, and don’t worry about getting it messy in the kitchen, because you can also win a pristine hand signed copy direct from Rocco himself! Rocco has hooked me up with 4 signed copies of Now Eat This! Diet to give away to my readers!!!

Here are the three ways you can win your own autographed copy of “Now Eat This! Diet”:

1.  Leave a comment on this post answering the question “What’s your motivation to lose weight?” (For me, I know my athletic “in shape” weight is about 10 pounds less than where I’m at right now.  I’m not too concerned, but I’d like to get back to that weight because it means I’ve been exercising and eating right, and my body will feel healthier and stronger.)

2.  Follow me on Twitter (@DianasaurDishes) and tweet the following sentence, then leave a comment below linking to your tweet:

Win a free copy of Now Eat This! Diet by Rocco DiSpirito from @DianasaurDishes

3.  Post this on Facebook then leave a comment letting me know you posted:

Win a free copy of Now Eat This! Diet by Rocco DiSpirito from Dianasaur Dishes

Good luck!!!

*Please note that the contest is open to US residents only.

This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to Joan, Sarah, Maria, and Lynda.  Don’t forget that if you didn’t win you can still get Rocco’s book on Amazon, right now it’s over $10 off!

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44 thoughts on “Rocco DiSpirito Diet Cookbook Giveaway”

  • I would like to lose weight for myself. I would like to feel better about myself. and I think that with some weight gone or some toning up I would feel better about just my everyday life.

  • My motivation to lose weight is to set a good example for my son (who is still an infant). I’d like to be in good shape by the time he is able to realized what I’m eating and what I’m doing.

  • I would like to lose weight so I can be healthy when we start our family. I’m working hard on changing the way I eat, not just going on a temporary diet, but I think this book could help a lot!

  • I don’t feel that I need to lose weight. I am in great health. I do, however, want to get into better shape– and who doesn’t want to look their best? I like to exercise and eat healthy whenever possible because it improves my overall quality of life. My motivation to lose weight or at least get more fit is to reach my potential and enjoy life the way it was meant to be.

  • Is it wrong to say I want to lose weight so I can eat more?

    lol, I want to be fitter so I can have more energy, part of that is exercising more and part of that is eating better.

  • At 58, I’ve decided to take up golf, mainly for the walk ! , because I sure can use the exercise . But, learning the game maybe more than I bargained for.

  • No sympathy needed just need to or Love to loose 10-20 Lb. and find it hard to exersize walking etc. Love to cook and would love to receive a singed copy of the book and give it a go..

  • I’d like to lose wieght to set a good example for my daughter. With 60 pounds to lose I could use all the help I can get. I don’t want to be the fat mom, I want to be the healthy mom that runs around with her kids because she can. I feel like it couldn’t hurt my marriage either. 😉

  • I need to lose about five pounds of fat and would love to replace that with muscle. Along with being more faithful in working out at the gym, I’m ready to admit I need to start following a food plan. This one sounds interesting and like something I might be able to follow and stay on for awhile.

  • i want to lose a good 15 pounds just to be healthy and not look like a lazy blob.. i work so hard and im always running around and i seem to find it hard to lose weight even though i watch the foods i eat. =/

  • I am currently 6 months pregnant. Although I cannot diet at this time, I think this book would help me to control my food choices without losing the flavor I love!!

  • I need to loose 100-140 lbs, but I love to eat and most diets do not let you eat much, especially 6 times a day! I need the help for myself, my diabeties, my back & knee problems and along w/ Fibromyalgia.

  • I saw you on Rachel Ray shows on 3/29/11 and you look wonderful and I like the fact that MaMa is also on board…being Italian myself I struggle with the bread and pasta, watching you cook inspired me to make the same thing you made with the meatballs.
    I look foward to connecting with you on fb and your website…thanks Rocco —-Mangiare!

  • Losing baby weight! I had a beautiful little girl 9 months ago and I still have yet to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Losing 10 pounds would be a dream!

  • My motivation to lose weight is my 2 adorable little boys (2 years old and 5 years old) I need to keep up with them!!

  • My motivation is that I just want to be healthier. I am happier with myself when I’m at a healthier weight – it’s just so hard for me to STAY there, you know? I want to enjoy life more and part of that is having a better self-image and I can get that by losing some weight (again).

  • Since Christmas, I have lost 25 lbs! I want to keep going, and I need some new recipes to try. My daughters are motivating me because we are doing it together. We’ve almost hit 100 lbs lost between the 4 of us!

  • I not only WOULD like to lose weight but I NEED to lose weight. I just received the results from my physical and the news was not good, that is how I found your site. I was looking for healthy recipes and now have you listed among my favorites. I am now considered a senior citizen – so I have to get started! AND NOW IS THE TIME!

  • I don’t really want to lose weight but I would like to eat healthier and feel motivated to get back to yoga class

  • My motivation to lose weight is to be healthier and live a long and productive life. I also want to lose weight to cut down on the chance of having complications from being diabetic (just diagnosed 2 years ago) and have lost some weight, but still need to lose more and I love to cook and love to eat, so it is very hard. I want to live a healthy life to see my son mature, marry and have grandchildren that I can run around with like my mom did with him!

  • I’m working on it. I want to lose weight to not only feel better, but more importantly, to feel better about myself! It’s a work in progress and any help and inspiration I can get is a good thing.

  • I don’t need to lose weight. I have reached my goal. I’m just trying to keep eating healthy one meal at a time. This book should help me do this.

  • Hey Rocco, I love you, longtime follower! Anyway… I love to eat, I am a great cook, need help lowering calories… My boyfriend will leave me if I don’t loose the weight, so I guess you could say thats my motivation.. I want to get healthy and gorgeous… Maybe then, I can loose the boyfriend. LOL Thanks Anna Maria

  • I want to lose weight to feel beautiful again. I want to feel good and more energetic. I found out my husband cheated on me with a shapely woman 15 years younger than me. When I lose it and look good, I’m going to tell my husband GOODBYE!!

    • Hi Mena, I’m sorry to say that the giveaway has ended. But I do think this is a great cookbook, if you’d like to purchase it the link is in my post. Sorry for what you’ve gone through and wishing you all the best.

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