Potsticker Sauce

Potsticker Sauce Recipe

This potsticker sauce is salty, spicy, tangy and perfect for dipping Asian dumplings, gyoza, potstickers, egg rolls, wontons, mandoo or anything else!

Sriracha Smoked Oyster Appetizer


Being sick is no fun.  Since moving to Washington I have gotten terribly sick every February, we’re talking bronchitis, pneumonia out of work for weeks sick.  After four years of this, I’ve said “ENOUGH!”.  This February I’ve worked hard to eat right, exercise, wash hands and stay away from sick people.  I’m now on the tail end of a cold but nothing like previous years.  The funny thing about when I get sick , is I start wanting foods that other people might consider strange.  My latest recipe is one of those creations that fits as a classy appetizer or a quick and easy snack to go alongside a ginger ale (or beer if you’re not sick!).

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