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United Way of King County Hunger Action Week 2013


Did you know that 1 in 5 children in King County is at risk for hunger? Or that the percentage of King County residents needing help to buy food nearly doubled in the past four years? This is my fourth year participating in Hunger Action Week (March 25-30), which focuses special attention on hunger in my community. I think the most educational part of Hunger Action Week is the Food Stamp Challenge, which encourages you to try to live off of a food stamp budget for one week.

How would you fare on a typical food stamp budget? For one week, those who accept the Food Stamp Challenge try to get
three nourishing meals spending only their allotted amount each day. (See the chart below for your dollar figure) Challengers learn firsthand what it’s like to live on a tight food budget, and then share their insights with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Hunger Challenge

One of the best things about the Food Stamp Challenge is that, just by signing up, $5 will be donated by Car Toys to fight hunger in King County.  That’s right, you just sign up to give the challenge a try, and we’ll be $5 closer to eliminating hunger!!!

If you’re not sure whether or not you can take the hunger challenge, check out my Hunger Action Week kick off post from last year, which gives several tips to help you succed.

I’ll be sharing a couple posts this week on how we’re doing the challenge, including a recipe for homemade roast beef lunchmeat.  Hope you’ll sign up and help us stand up against hunger.

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