Cooking with Kale

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or as Eric and I sometimes call it, “Single’s Awareness Day”. See, Eric and I both made decisions around the same time (late teens for him, early … Read more

My first lasagna

I love lasagna, always have. But for some reason I’ve never made it. I guess part of it was living on my own for so long, it would go bad … Read more

Meaty Red Sauce

A conversation at the beginning of our marriage: Diana: What did you think of the spaghetti?Eric: It was okay.Diana: Oh what didn’t you like about it?(I should note at this … Read more

Asian Steak and Slaw

I am definitely a carnivore, and although I think being a vegetarian or vegan is wonderful, I happen to love meat, in fact steak is my favorite food. So I’m … Read more

Steak Salad

We had a little bit of our favorite steak left over, so I decided to make a salad with it. I’d never made or even had a steak salad, but … Read more

Our favorite steak marinade

We buy large servings of flank steak at Sam’s Club, and when we get home, cut them into smaller portions. I’ll use some for curry or stir fry, some for … Read more

Mediterranean Dinner

Oh yum, tonight’s dinner was delicious! We had Mediterranean steak, with fried eggplant and bruschetta. Here’s how I made it. Steak Marinade: 4 T Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 T … Read more

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