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How Our Cat Adopted Us

They say that pets often adopt you, rather than the other way around, and our cat experiences definitely validate that theory. Our first cat, Cappuccino, was a declawed Siamese mix … Read more


Our Baby Announcement

I know, it might seem funny to talk about alcohol and being pregnant in the same post, but since we served this at the barbecue where we told our good … Read more

Book Review: Lunch Wars

Did you know that the typical student will consume 3000 school meals from kindergarten through 12th grade?  Kind of opens your eyes to how important school food really is.  Typically I review cookbooks here, but when Blog Her asked me to review Lunch Wars by Amy Kalafa I jumped at the chance.  School food has been a hot topic recently.  From Jamie Oliver’s revolution to Michelle Obama’s Healthy Hunger Free Kid’s Act, awareness of the school food issues is at an all time high.  Amy Kalafa really did her research to provide a great resource full of inspiring stories and shocking facts all about the nutrition related health of children.

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Seattle Tastecasting Team Launches at Chao Bistro

chao bistro tastecasting collage

Hey friends, I have exciting news!  After months of recruiting, planning, and networking, the Seattle Tastecasting team launched with an amazing event at Chao Bistro on Capitol Hill in Seattle.  Chao Bistro set the bar INCREDIBLY high for future Tastecastings.  We had 18 courses to make sure we got a sampling of their breakfast, lunch and dinner menus plus dessert and drinks.  If you missed my previous post on Tastecasting, basically I head up a team of people in the Seattle area who are well connected in social media.  A restaurant or food establishment gives us a free sampling of their menu, in return we tweet, blog, post on facebook, flickr and any other network we’re a part of.  It’s a great way to promote local businesses and a wonderful experience for the team.  Tastecasting started in Columbus, Ohio but there are now teams all over the US.

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