Mummy made out of cheese

The Cheesiest Mummy Ever

I forgot to post this earlier. I saw the idea for this mummy on Taste of Home. It was so cute I had to make it! It is really simple. … Read more

Simple yet healthy snack

Do you ever have those nights where it seems like your body doesn’t know it’s dinner time, or maybe you’ve done too much snacking and don’t want a full sized … Read more

The Great Pumpkin

For the second part of our Great Date (two “us” Mondays), we carved our pumpkin. For more about the date part, check it out here. Don’t worry, we didn’t let … Read more

Easy Fresh Mozzarella Salad

I love buying the fresh mozzarella cheese two pack at Sam’s Club. I can use it for pizza, pasta, sandwiches, or a simple fresh mozzarella salad. Here’s the brand I … Read more

Yogurt snack

I really like yogurt, but I have a strong gag reflex and a weird thing about textures. Eating a whole 1 serving container of yogurt often has me gagging by … Read more

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