Pickled Cucumber snack

This snack cost me less than a dollar to make! I got 10 high fiber spinach tortillas for $2 because they were expiring soon. I also had a cucumber ($.50 … Read more

Pomegranate and Saffron Yogurt

I never had a pomegranate until this year. They always seemed a little intimidating. I remember in the 5th grade a girl brought a pomegranate to school for lunch, and … Read more

I’m a Prosciutto newbie!

I’ve heard of prosciutto, and even know how to pronounce it thanks to the Foodnetwork, but I’ve never tried it before. I realize one reason is because it’s pork, which … Read more

Fast and Easy Lunch

Today is a snow day, well it was, now it’s a slush/rain day. But because of the dangerous driving conditions I stayed home from work. Eric on the other hand … Read more

Mummy made out of cheese

The Cheesiest Mummy Ever

I forgot to post this earlier. I saw the idea for this mummy on Taste of Home. It was so cute I had to make it! It is really simple. … Read more

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