How to Make Bacon at Home


Curing bacon at home has been a pretty popular topic for food blogs over the past couple years.  Unfortunately,  every time I thought about making bacon myself the inevitable “It’s too hard” tape would start playing in the back of my mind.  Curing bacon is something that butchers, chefs, and guys who want to be butchers or chefs but actually work at a computer desk all day do.  No way am I good enough or brave enough to try such a culinary feat. (But I did! Video below!)

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Food Blogger Camp: Fishing, Trapeze, Tattoos and Michael and Donna Ruhlman

It’s that time again, another post from the amazing Food Blogger Camp at Club Med Ixtapa.  I mentioned before that I received a scholarship to the camp from one of the speakers, I never would have been able to afford it otherwise.  I know there were a lot of food bloggers who would have loved to attend but couldn’t afford it either, so I want to share as much of my experiences with you as I can.

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Video of Foodbuzz Food Blogger Festival and Day 3 Recap

Finally, the long awaited day 3 recap of the Foodbuzz Food Blogger Festival in San Francisco.  I had been waiting until I finished the video to post it and then got overwhelmed with the holidays and forgot about it.  Here you go!

Foodbuzz Festival Jaden Bacon Bloody Mary

We had brunch at Restaurant Lulu, an excellent spread using Nature’s Pride bread in a lot of the dishes.  The bacon was the most popular, and Jaden used hers to create a new signature cocktail, The Bacon Bloody Mary!

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Summer Roll Recipe with Vietnamese Steak

beef spring rolls vietnamese recipe

Here is step two in getting the man in your life to like Asian cooking.  Remember that steak you have leftover from the “steak sandwich” (also known as Banh Mi)?  Put it to good use in the next few days by making steak summer rolls!  (or spring rolls, if you want to know all about the many different names check out my shrimp roll post).  This will definitely be stepping out of the meat and potatoes comfort zone, but just remind him that it has the same amazing steak that he loved in his sandwich.

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Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Sustainable Omakase Sushi at Mashiko in Seattle

Mashiko store front in West Seattle.

It’s another exciting month of events at Dianasaur Dishes.  I’m still putting together video from our Artisan Steak Tasting, Tuesday I get to dine at Springhill in Seattle at a special Foodbuzz table, and I almost have all the photos edited of our fun filled farm tour with our friends’ toddlers.  But today, I get to share with you the latest event sponsored by Foodbuzz (and brought us by VISA Signature).  That’s right, I got another 24, 24, 24 proposal accepted, and so Eric and I got to experience omakase at Mashiko, the very first sustainable seafood sushi restaurant in Seattle.  I spent 9 whole hours editing the video below, last night was a late night!  It’s an overview of omakase, Mashiko, and sustainable sushi.  Then you can read on for more information and drool over the photos of the best meal I’ve ever had!

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Our Hawaiian Pa’ina Video

Diana and Eric's Hawaiian Pa'ina Watch this video on YouTube Alright, editing the pai’na video went way faster than I expected.  The hardest part was finding creative commons Hawaiian music.  … Read more

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