Gingerbread House Competition

It’s that time again, our annual Johnson Gingerbread Contest.  Whether it’s houses, trains, chapels, ski lodges…we go to town with gingerbread, frosting, and candy.  Last year’s competition was our first, and this year it was taken to new levels of awesomeness!  Below I’ll show photos of each house along with some detail shots.  Your job is to vote for your favorite.  We’d also love it if you leave comments on why you picked the one you did.  Mainly so we can rub it in each others’ faces 😉

Jolly Ski Lodge

gingerbread ski chalet

The Jolly Ski Lodge is a perfect winter retreat for the avid skier.

monkey snowman

A very happy snowman.

jolly ski lodge sign

A ski lodge sign leaning against the gingerbread tree, with skiing action figures. butterfinger sidewalk A crunchy butterfinger and twizzler path leading to the lodge with an m&m and jolly rancher roof. nerd sugar cube hot tub A nerd and sugar cube hot tub complete with goldfish for the weary skier.

Polar Bear Party

gingerbread igloo land Little do the playful gingerbread men know that there’s a polar bear party below! candy stone chimney A candy rock chimney. gingerbread sledding Gingerbread men love to ski and sled past friendly snowmen. polar bear pond The perfect pond for polar bears to play in made of jolly ranchers and rock candy. sugar cube igloo An igloo of sugar for the shy bears to hide out.

Gingerbread Snow Train

gingerbread train A gingerbread snow train that doubles as a candy dish! gingerbread outhouse A gumdrop lamp, gingerbread outhouse for the railway travelers and a skiing gingerbread man. cuddling gingerbread couple A frosting couple cuddling under a gingerbread blanket and watching over the candy in the “nice” car. Naughty coal car A coal car deliver tasty chocolate coal that will make you want to be naughty. gingerbread train vertical A rock candy smoke cloud, marshmallow train tracks, and shredded wheat station house.

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