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Sensory Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

We’ve collected our top sensory activities for toddlers and preschoolers to make an easy list that’s sure to have something for everyone. We also let you know with each sensory activity if the sensory recipe is safe for kids who tend to put everything in their mouth.

Six photos of toddler sensory activities: rainbow rice bin, toddler goop, colorful bean bin, fluffy slime, baking soda art, kinetic sand.

While we’re not afraid of getting messy, because making messes makes memories, we’ll give you messiness ratings as well. Sometimes, we all need easy cleanup!

So get ready to get hands on and dive into these fun sensory activities.

Slime Sensory Activities

The following sensory activities are all various types of slime. These slime recipes contain glue so, while non-toxic, are not safe to eat. While the thought of slime may conjure up a nightmare of mess for some parents, we find cleanup pretty easy. Just have your kids play with the slime on a table over a linoleum, vinyl, or tile floor. Any slime on clothes can be easily removed by soaking in hot vinegar water.

Pin to Save for Later

Don’t lose this list of sensory activities! Pin the image below so you you can find a sensory activity whenever you need one. Feel free to leave a photo in the comments of the pin when you do one of these activities. We love seeing what you and your child create!

Nine images of toddlers doing sensory activities including slimes, sensory bins, and finger painting

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