Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies for Valentine’s Day


I LOVE red velvet cake. Eric doesn’t get it, “Isn’t it just chocolate cake with red food coloring?”  That may be so, but I still swoon over pictures of it every time.  That’s why when I saw pictures of red velvet sandwich cookies, I had to make some for Valentine’s Day.  I had the perfect excuse, the 17 hungry teenage boys staying at our house for the weekend!

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Cranberry Orange Chex Mix Recipe

I’ve had a lot of different Chex mixes in my day. The ever popular Muddy Buddies are dangerously addictive (and bad for you) with their chocolate, peanut butter and powdered … Read more

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread

I’m a sucker for pumpkin cheesecake, it’s one of the few desserts that I have true difficulty resisting.  I don’t have a big sweet tooth but I’m quite the cheese addict and I love pumpkin recipes, put the two together and common sense goes out the window.  I set out to make a pumpkin cream cheese dip that could satisfy that craving but be a little lighter on my waistline.

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Banana Muffin Recipe

I’ve had kind of an abundance of brown bananas lately, I buy a bunch eat a couple, then forget about them.  When it comes to brown banana recipes , muffins are an easy way to go.  I prefer mini muffins because a whole muffin is often more than I want to eat.  I decided a couple days ago to try making my own banana muffin recipe.

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Dried Plum, Bacon, and Goat Cheese Crostini

Prunes have gotten a bit of a bad rap.  They tend to be associated with old people and remedies for intestinal problems.  But really they’re quite delicious and deserve some respect.  Maybe that’s why they’re being called “dried plums” now.  The first time I heard that I was like, “Wait, isn’t that a prune?”.  Personally, I’ve always liked prunes.  My poor brother had lots of health issues, so had to eat some everyday as a child.  I loved it because there was always a bag of prunes in the cupboard for me to snack on.

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Thousand Island Dressing Recipe

A great use for boiled eggs that people don’t always think of is salad dressing.  I often put boiled eggs in my salad, but the other day I realized they’re and ingredient in thousand island dressing, and decided I needed to try making my own.  This dressing is tangy and rich, and goes amazingly with avocado and shrimp.

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Egg Salad Recipe

An easy egg salad recipe means just a few ingredients and not too much chopping.  To me, the key to this egg salad recipe is the grated onion, which imparts a quick onion flavor with out having to chop it finely enough to not get big chunks of onion in every bite.

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